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Lets get ready to rumble

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


JB is out! she got fired from the job of carly i'm glad personally hopefully the replacement won't remind me of singing hey hey we're the monkey's!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


yesterday's episode with her and jason made me want to gag the lack of chemistry is killing me and on monday it was so funny i was watching gh and then jb came on screen i jumped back a little cause i was totally expecting tamara to be on i was like aww man!

Friday, April 22, 2005


i'm not a jb fan oh my goodness where do i starts her voice is deep like a guys, her face looks like that of an prime ape, her hands oh god her hands looks like a man's hands, she doesn't even do any of the carly moves ie hands on her hips ect., she has no chemistry with anyone on screen i couldn't stand carly with alacazar but seeing nucarly with him make's it even worse and poor mikey i mean they way he reacted in the park when he was greeted by his new daddy poor kid :'( i run screaming too and the newspaper clipping of sonny and nucarly and morgan oh my goodness she looks horrible in that photo i would've demanded a reshoot of it cause dang! whoo! man i feel alot better now lol

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Hi, I'm Sarah. I don't like NuCarly either. I wasn't ever much of a fan of Carly, but TB was very good in the role. One thing that really irked me about the GH community and people complaining about people complaining about JB, is that everyone else complains about Emily ALL the time. How is this any different? It just seems very hypocritical to say, ok, everyone can bitch about Emily for months and months, but no one can bitch about NUcarly after a couple days?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

9:21PM - umm yah Im Mandy

I totally agree with the before mentioned post... I couldnt get into the new carly scenes today. I wish TB could have stuck around, just for today and maybe tomorrow's scenes. arrghhh...

the new carly. I am not thrilled as of yet, When SB left, I was floored bc it was before I had the internet and I had no clue, so for that reason, it pissed me off. But really quickly, TB showed me she was awesome as carly, and I took to her real quick. but JB..... she didnt make a great first impression with me. Maybe she will grow into the role as she is more comfy.

But then... Maybe Tb will see how bad she really is and go "oh no she didnt.." and come back.. wishful thinking. dang it.

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Welcome. Let me start off by saying i know this layout sucks and all that good stuff, but i hope to have a really good one made in the next couple of days.

Anyshit, im not a jennifer fan, in any way, fashion, or form. Eventhough she wasnt incrediably horrible on todays show i just couldnt get into. She doesnt make you feel what Carlys going through if that makes any sense. Like when she first saw Michael and was talking to him there was nothing in her eyes, nothing, Tamara was so much more passionate.